When you lose a pet

One of Mrs. Marilyn’s dog is no more in this world today. She bid farewell to Nan with heavy heart and teary eyes. 

Though we all knew that Nan had a date with destiny today but still somewhere we all (at least I) hoped that she was gonna alright.

The moment I saw the post  “Bye Bye Nan”  in the morning my heart went all out for her. I felt so much pain. Just could not concentrate on writing. I did only picture posts today.

Not that I am a pet person or I knew Nan. I haven’t even seen her in person but somehow I developed love for pets over a period of time. Who will not fall in love with those furry creatures after reading such emotional posts and seeing beautiful pictures of canines and felines shared by my blogger colleagues. 

Photo credits: Marilyn Armstrong

One of the very reasons I never supported the idea of having a pet in our house and constantly rejected the request of my sons is that I don’t a MESSY house. I have seen my friend’s canine scratching sofa and pawing the leather couch. They tear apart books, chew shoes and I don’t want to deal with scattered toilet paper all over the floor.

Secondly once the pet is in he will be solely my responsibility. My sons will play, sleep, eat with him but his care and bringing up would be cooly left with me. Though yet not ready for it but I know I will bring one sooner or later.

Now when I see the kind of joy and happiness pets bring in human life I feel it strongly that dogs are man’s best friends. They are more than babies. When a baby leaves you forever you feel miserable. The messy house is nothing in front of the bonding they offer in return.

Rest in peace Nan.

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  1. What a beautiful post. Aside from being a wonderful memorial for all of us who have lost pets, your post demonstrates the strong connections that bloggers can make to each other, even when they’ve never met in person. I had the same reaction when I saw Marilyn’s post title – my first thought was that I wish I could be there with her to give hugs and support.

    1. I can understand that. I felt the same. I don’t know what it is but whatever I love my blogging friends and that’s the reason I sit everyday in front of my screen to peep into your world just to feel happy that all is fine at their end. Love you all.

  2. Thank you so much. We are both mourning … each in our own way. But she had a good life, a long life. She did not suffer. We took very good care of her and she was loved. Probably that is more than many people can say of their lives. Thank you again!

  3. Losing a pet is a gap in your existence. A space is empty and you still think you can hear the meow or bark and the accompanying noises. We lost our Nera cat last year, but she is still with us somehow. More dramatic was when our Fluffy had his accident and somehow found his way home, blind in both eyes. He was then 2 years old and is now 13 and in spite of it all still lives a full life. We would never part with him. he is our fluffy. It is true having pets is a responsiblity, they become part of the family.

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