KOMOREBI: ‘Sun Shines Through Palm Leaves’

 Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 # 15: SUNLIGHT THROUGH LEAVES

It was the last day of our mini vacation. We had enjoyed the beaches of Goa and it was time to drive back home.

The sky was clear. We both left our hotel before dawn cracked so that we could cover maximum distance before sunset. It was still dark and we switched on the head lights of our car. After one hour there were orange, golden and red hues visible in the sky and I took out my camera to click the first glimpse of rising sun. DSC_6885

I must have clicked hundreds of photos of rising sun. Tarun was driving on a good speed as it was very less traffic on the road. This is one big advantage when you start early in the morning. The day turned bright, sun was brighter, rising up in the sky. After driving another hundred miles we found ourselves on the road having mustard fields on both the sides. It was looking beautiful. Farmers had grown shelter belts of coconut trees around the fields. DSC_7895

The crop was shining in sunlight which was passing through the big fraying leaves of coconut trees. These palm trees were bearing coconuts so I would rather call them coconut trees. All coconuts trees are palm trees. All palm trees are not coconut trees. DSC_7901

I was reminded of the term  ‘Komorebi’ when I saw sunlight filtered through the trees – the interplay between the light and the leaves.DSC_7902The trees were huge and it looked as if they were old, single legged giants, windblown and bent. They were shuddering, flapping and freckle leaves were toing and froing, I kept on shooting till I got my aperture settings right. I didn’t want over or under exposure of light.DSC_7903

We didn’t want to stuck in the traffic so we were again on the road. It was a good experience. What do you think I didn’t get myself clicked? Tarun does a satisfactory job if you set everything for him and he has to just take care of distance and focus. This was a good pic !

Catch me if you can !
Catch me if you can !

I had read an article about Komorebi umbrella on whiterabitexpress.com which was inspired by the concept of light shining through leaves. Let me share little bit about the unique umbrella.

Komorebi is the Japanese word for that moment when sunlight passes through the gaps in trees. It’s a summers day experience, the kind of thing you’d see while lying under a big tree in a park, or wandering through a forest.

This photorealistic Komorebi Umbrella (¥3,999Prices are approximate only and subject to change. White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.) by Fumito Kogure and Shinya Kaneko (working as ‘Design Complicity‘) was made to mimic that experience. The designers wanted to allow you to “carry the sunshine filtering through the trees,” as you walk around town. But that’s only what it looks like to you, to everyone else you’ll look like a little tree with legs.

The perfect game.

Photo Credits: Whiterabbitexpress.com
Photo Credits: Whiterabbitexpress.com



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      1. I believe this is the time when either you have a break or you are off from your work. You are generally active at this time. What is the time at your end? It is 6:45 p.m. here in India.

      2. Actually I’m up at 3 and workout until 4:45 then have breakfast and write until 6:10 in time for work at 7 🙂

      3. My God Andy ! You are a real fitness freak. Getting up at 3 to work out ! I’m going to faint….lol Very much impressed with your dedication towards your writing too.

  1. Beautiful photo of the orange sky! I always think the palm trees are graceful, I love the #4 and 5. The camera captured you beautifully. 🙂

  2. Interesting. I have heard that Goa is the holiday place to go in India. I believe it was once a Portuguese colony. Love the photos of the sun through the trees, am tempted with the umbrella and I am sure I would be the first person in Switzerland to own one.

    1. Please post a picture holding the umbrella once you own it. Goa is gorgeous during winter and the Feb. carnival and International film fest are main events to enjoy sun and sand. I was happy to manage okay pics with DSLR on manual settings.

  3. Those are the biggest coconut palms I’ve ever seen. They have them down in the Caribbean, but they are mostly smaller than these. Many of the local people are very good at climbing up to get the coconuts. I was always worried about walking beneath them. A falling coconut could make a pretty big hole in ones head!! Still, fresh coconut might be worth a hole in ones head 🙂 Thanks for joining!

  4. Yes, the fear of falling coconut is always there. Standing under the canopy of these trees was very cool. It provided a nice shade. The coconuts were full of water, we had two fruits each and suddenly our tummies were so full.

  5. Great sunset shots while on the move and that too in manual. Hope you had a great time in Goa. And the umbrella design is quite creative.

  6. Great pictures, beautifully captured. I enjoyed my time very much in Goa, loved the place, some parts of the landscape really reminded me of the villages in Malaysia 🙂

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