Cee’s Flower of the day: Fuchsia 

The moment I saw this beautiful vivid purplish , hot pink fuchsias grown in a pot, I was immediately reminded of my blogger friend Marilyn and her so many bright, colorful posts dedicated to this flower, grown in hanging pots by her last winters , flashed in my memory. 

I still remember how I searched for the plant in all the local nursuries and even told my friends, staying in neighboring cities to look for it there. 

I wasn’t lucky enough to grow it in my garden.  The glimpse of these flowers filled me with joy. I agree they aren’t as lovely as Marilyn’s but I loved clicking them and yes, I missed my DSLR so much. These are i phone 6S images. 



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  1. They are beautiful. Give them time. It takes a few weeks for them to really fill out. And they can’t take full sun. Bright shade and lots of water! I don’t know if I’ll have fuchsias this year. It’s late and still cold and the season to buy them is short. I may already be too late, but I hope not!

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