Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: What’s this? 

Guess What’s this? 

I am sure we are going to have lots of fun here. Without wasting time I am posting these pictures for you all to guess to identify the object. You never know I will be the first one to start the series! You have to identify the objects captured in the photos and this way we can have more interaction than usual.  Looking forward to your guesses and  you can wait for correct answers. 



20 Responses

  1. The first is a door handle with a keep out notice on it. The second is an aerial view of a model of the walls surrounding a fortress in an Indian town.

  2. #1 would be a door handle, and
    #2 a wonderful model of an ancient fortified place. I love those kind of detailed 3D models – here in the UK, we have seen some cast in brass of ancient ruins or other fascinating places

  3. The first one looks like a door handle with a sign on it … but second looks like a model of a town. I don’t know which town, but I’m betting it’s a model.

      1. So far no one has tried to guess mine though. But yes, I thought it would be fun and people had fun guessing Cee’s, which were good ones.

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