Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge week#18

While walking as a tourist on the roads of Shmla city I must have clicked hundreds of photos. When I uploaded them in my computer I found few pics which were random shots. I think they can fit in this category.

Below is a toy train, runs between Shimla to Kalka , one of the most exciting and fun ride in hills. It’s a four to five hours stretch, where one enjoys floating clouds, breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous valleys.Toy Train

The tricolor furling right in the centre of Ridge ground, Shimla.Flag Shimla

An old victorian street lamp looks so stunning and depicts british history.Shimla Lamp

To enjoy many more odd, atypical photos click below



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  1. The Toy Train ride is an exhilarating experience which cannot be described in words….. It can only be enjoyed in person
    One word to describe the feeling-“Heavenly “😇

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