I love early morning drives especially when the roads, trees and valleys are covered with fog. At times when there is thick fog you can only see as far as your headlights but you can drive for miles that way, even reach your destination too.

I always look for the opportunity to see how the first rays of sun removes the fog and everything looks so fresh and crystal clear in the same manner the light of knowledge removes darkness.

That’s the best time to enjoy the long drives. No traffic, no long queues on toll gates and no need to switch on AC of the car since you can just roll down the window panes to enjoy the cool morning breeze blowing.

One needs to be careful and alert while driving on hills but at the same time it is one of the thrilling experience to climb curvaceous roads in foggy weather.

Make sure that you don’t mistaken fog with smog. Fog and smog should not be confused as they both are separate in colour.images-15

images-15Excess of everything is bad, same is the case with fog. You want sunlight at the end of a romantic day. The warmth of sun rays is like a boon for human beings.

So pack your bags and enjoy foggy drives folks 🙂



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  1. Ask the Driver while driving in foggy conditions…. Your extra sensory perceptions are heightened… Tense moments await oncoming traffic but rightly said…. With the first ray of sunlight tension evaporates in thin air 🌝🌪

  2. wow – fog can really have dangerous sides – especially to the driver – my favorite foggy days are when I can stay off the road – ha! and the most dense fog I have ever seen was in Northern Cal – and it was errrrrrrie.

      1. I have driven through some horrid snow with no visibility – praying and gripping the wheel – ha! and mystery in fog – but not so much in snow (to me at least)
        have a nice day

  3. I love fog when I’m watching it from my window or porch. But driving in it? Even if there are no other cars — rare, but happens occasionally — there are deer and other animals, not to mention children who wander into road. The only thing worse than driving in fog is driving in heavy snow when you are entirely blind.

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