Early Morning view from my lens

It is early, early morning, it’s that time when it is still dark but you know the day is coming.

Blue is bleeding through black. Stars are dying.100_6496

I was able to capture some of the most beautiful glimpses of nature when I woke up early to click. Fortunately this is the topic of this week’s Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 # 12-Early 

I am so happy to share some of my photographs which I took when I was not late !

As a photographer and a traveller my thumb rule is to leave my comfort zone as early as possible preferably before the crack of the dawn. It is so soothing to see nature and objects in a totally different perspective when slowly the envelope of mist fades away and the mountains ranges glitter as sunlight spreads and darkness elopes on earth.

The best photographs are obtained during dusk and dawn. I like capturing different moods of nature, clouds and sky for that I have to catch up that beautiful early morning light.DSC_3661

One of my most favorite photo of two peacocks, bathing in sun rays couldn’t have happened if I was late.


I love that tiny space of time when no one speaks except nature. There is so much calmness in the environment. I like to to go for walks as the morning walks bless my whole day. I value the silence, the feeling of being alive.

This valley of yellow flowers enthralled us with its beauty as we took a sharp turn, driving on a curvaceous road in hills. How could I cross it without having a photo for keeps. DSC_4194

It seems that God has kept few landscapes for early risers only and I’m one of those lucky ones to enjoy it fully. Go, set your alarms to catch the first glimpse of early morning !




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  1. The early morning photos are the best, they have such wonderful misty colours. Unfortunately I have almost none to show so early in the morning.

  2. Beautiful pictures Rashmi especially the sun rays on the peacocks. I am not an early morning person so I have more sunset pictures. 😛

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