Flower of the Day: Tabernaemontana divaricata(Chandini)

While roaming around in Jodhpur I observed one thing, there weren’t not many flowers in the gardens or roadside lawns. Shrubs/bushes were  there but minus flowers. What’s could be the reason?

This might not the flowering season for local trees here or another very strong reason came to my mind was the soaring temperatures of the city. Survival is hard here for humans and animals unless they have some shade above their heads. How will delicate flowers bear this scorching heat? No wonder only tough species are found in Rajasthan but finally I got to see few shrubs with flowers on them.

These white ones are very beautiful starlike flowers called ‘Chandini’ here in India. Binomial name is Tabernaemontana divaricata. This is a evergreen shrub probably native to India, now cultivated in warmer regions of South & East Asia. Has medicinal value too. 

I would like to call them “The Heroes of Jodhpur” who are still smilng in the terrible heat. Tomorrow meet another hero. 

These are iPhone pics and I know that pictures are not of good quality as I had no idea how to deal with so much sunlight, every photo was exposed and looked too bright but as Cee says, this theme is all about sharing our flowers, isn’t it? 

Flower of the Day: 10.5.2016



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  1. Loved your flowers. It is not about big and spectacular. The smallest flowers are beautiful and for me in Europe, the flowers of India are something very special

  2. Jerusalem, too. I had a terrace that faced west, which mean it got full sun from late morning until sunset. The only flowers that survived that scorching sun were geranium and petunias. Everything else burned up. But there are a lot of varieties and I grew many of them. My porch garden was very flowery 🙂

  3. Marilyn, Surprised to know that geraniums and petunias can survive the harsh, desert summers. All of my plants are drying up and I am left with a few amaranth plants which thrive in the summer.

    1. No, no Susie you are mistaken here. This is at least 10 days old pic when I was roaming in Shimla. It is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India. They are mot from Jodhpur

    2. Oops sorry Susie, I got confused with my earlier post of pansies. Now I know that you have replied to the comment Marilyn made above. I was in hurry I guess😒

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