High Noon: Away from the Maddening Crowd

We took a clean break. Break from the daily routine things, break from the same mundane activities, away from the maddening crowd of city and concrete jungles of urbanization. Not that we went on a vacation to far off destination but we just took a day off, drove down 100 miles or more, left behind the development and modern world and entered a small village to get some taste of real earth.


The village is very soothing to eyes. It is a small piece of land where noble souls live in simplicity without any frills of modernity and so called inventions born out of sheer necessities. That doesn’t mean they don’t require latest things, when you look at them you feel as if they have not yet made their lives complicated by generating the needs for certain man made comforts. Still connected to mother earth, right?


They don’t require any fancy cars to move from one place to another. Just a pair of bullock and hey, they are mobile ! We felt little out of place sitting inside and peeping out of our SUV windows. Don’t they ever feel the need of Air conditioners?


The fields look brown as the crop of rice has been just harvested and will be ready for another cycle of harvest in next three to four months. Weather is pleasant, cool breeze blows moreover big trees are there to protect farmers from heat and provide shade.


We spent noon in the rural surroundings, in the fields, had local food comprise of rice and dal (cereal) with green leafy vegetables, which I must admit was very fresh and light. We enjoyed the long walk near the water body which is the natural source of water for people out there. All in all a rejuvenating experience to cherish for days to come.




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  1. I could so use some of the fresh air of the countryside and the peace away from the concrete jungle, Would be rejuvenating 🙂

  2. One word springs to my mind…refreshing…I bet it was refreshing to get out from the city, the hustle and bustle…

    1. Hi Kat, so nice to hear from you and your words always give me reasons to smile. Hope you are doing well. Have been busy so couldn’t visit your wonderful blog. I will visit at my soonest.

      1. Oh no worries…yeah it happens, sometimes other priorities take over. Take care and stay in touch 🙂

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