Lens-Artists Challenge #174 Shapes and Designs

Hello friends, Another week and another exciting theme! For this week’s photo challenge, Patti asks us to take a closer look at shapes and designs. Rightly said, Once you start noticing them, you’ll find them in many places in nature, in works of art, in food, in architecture“ to name a few. Here are some of my pictures depicting my perception on shapes and sizes.

The header picture is from one of the beaches at Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, you can see the different shapes and sizes of the rocks. I was amused to find the cozy and stylish bar section at one of the famous cafes in Hyderabad, particularly the lamps in all shapes and sizes. Also the glasses.

This is precious stones collection, showcased in Umaid Singh Palace’s museum, adorned by the Maharajas and royal families of Jodhpur. You can read the captions by zooming the picture. Below is the Sheikh zyed mosque that I had shared in my last post, it’s one of the interior walls, looking dream in the finest floral motif, flowers of all shapes and sizes. Carved arches along with Chandelier look magnificent.

This picture was clicked during our school Diwali Fest, where colourful diyas, wall hangings, and candles in all shapes and sizes, made by students were displayed for parents to appreciate and buy as a token of reward to budding artists. The floating leaves are from my lotus pond and fruits from my temple offerings for God.

These jewelry boxes in various shapes and sizes from Jodhpur, famous for its wooden craft and unique artisan worldwide. Last picture shows many big and small windows, arches and the intricrate Jharoka, basically a stone window projecting from the wall face of a building, in an upper story, overlooking a street, market or any other open space. A common feature in classical Rajasthani style architecture, now used as a beautiful ethnic interior decor piece at many places.)

Hope you like my choices for this week. See you again next week with more fun and learning. Till then warm wishes from soul. It would be fun reading your views and comments on this post. Thank you for taking time to visit, like, comment and support. In response to Lens artists



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