Lesser Known Lingdum Monastary @ Gantok

%0A					_005When I reached here I knew an angular image would be the best and only option to capture the majestic beauty of the monastery. The architecture of this ‘abode of peace’ is extremely engrossing, a perfect amalgamation of bright colors makes it more attractive to admire it from distance. One can easily spend his time in isolation if one doesn’t want to go around the town or visit the crowded destinations.%0A

The famous Ranka / Lingdum monastery ( also called Gompa ) is 20 km. away from Gangtok town, located in peaceful, serene area easily accessible by backbreaking road in east Sikkim. Unlike Rumtek monastery one doesn’t has to walk long uphill to visit this amazing learning centre for Buddhist monks.

The landscape is picturesquely delightful. The architecture and colors of the building are treat to eyes. It boosts of tranquil surroundings, enclosed proximity to the town, snow covered peaks as a backdrop and a large prayer room hall. One has to walk along a long trail of prayer bells which one is supposed to rotate to get the religious feel and let the sound mingle in the environment. Regular chanting of mantras are done by monks.DSC04034

It is one of the oldest and historical gompas, These gompas are maintained by the patronage of royal family and Government of India.The monastery follows the Zurmang Kagyud lineage of Buddhism and under the direction of the 12th successor of the lineage Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche.

The complex has various sections and floors including a nun’s hostel and a monastic college.


I spent most of my time in photographing and simply walking around the area. This is not much talked about being new and has less historical significance as Rumtek monastery therefore many people give it a miss due to unawareness.

They give importance to several other commercially developed tourist attractions in Gangtok. We were fortunate to met a guy who briefed us about it, we rescheduled our sightseeing plan and went there. Undoubtedly it was worth a visit.%0A					_004



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  1. That is a magnificent architecture and the details are stunning! Thank you for the special tour. So beautiful through your lens, Rashmi!

  2. Now that is just beautiful. We have a monastry in the local town, but not buddist, catholic, and it looks nothing like that. They are just very independent, growing their own vegetables and doing what monks do. My niece and her late man were both buddists. It was their belief. Her husband was a journalist and his interest was in buddist writings and philisophy.

    1. These monastries are surely a hub of culture but of late some of these rich centres have become the victim of power play. There are two groups who keep on fighting for their contol over there. Thankfully things are just fine here.

    1. Good evening Mrs. Armstrong, let me tell you I can’t even express my emotions while reading your comment. Tears are flowing down and my heart is full of love for you. Not even the blood relatives bothers to show this lovely gesture. Yes, u r right its been a eeek since I have typed as I have fractured my index finger few days before. Can’t type with right hand. It will take two more days to recover fully. I know its Wednesday and the prompt must b out. Tarun is away otherwise he could type for me & doc advised me not to move right hand fingers. I’m missing blogging. Thank you so very much to inquire about my well being. used left hand so pls ignore the mistakes.

  3. This was a very beautiful post with such lavish colors and details, Rashmi. I enjoyed your stories and its history. I wish government and whoever is doing “power plays” would refrain themselves!
    Take care and always be glad you have a husband and family, along with caring fellow bloggers like Marilyn who was so kind. Take care! 🙂

    1. The real life experience was even more beautiful. The riot of colors instantly get the attention of tourists. Thanks for the kind hearted fellow bloggers. We rock together.

  4. Wow, the details in the architecture is outstanding. I’ve always wanted to visit a monastery, I feel it has this spiritual glow to it that you must experience at least once in a lifetime ! ^.^

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