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Thread of love and trust: Rakhi
Thread of love and trust: Rakhi

It was twenty years before when I first met her in our marriage function. She was slim, pretty and shy lady who was dressed in traditional Indian sari, hairs neatly tucked in a high bun. Tarun introduced her to me as his sister who was his hotel management course mate too. They were of the same batch. We had a light discussion and there was an instant liking for each other. I was the bride and she was the adorable sister. After the dinner she left and we met again after two years when my elder son was born. She came for a day and left for Hong Kong. 

We lost touch and were busy in our own world. Her mother used to update  us about her. She was blessed with a daughter. She came to India but we couldn’t meet as we were posted far away from home.

Then came Facebook and we found each other, became friends. I came to know that she was shifted to Singapore. They became permanent citizens over there and bought a house. She started working for Censor board of Singapore, supposed to watch every single movie to give ratings to all Hollywood/ Bollywood movies released there.

Last week she came to India with her husband. She visited and stayed with us this weekend. We were so happy to receive her. Both brother and sister celebrated the reunion. She tied a rakhi on his wrist to mark her love. “Raksha Bandhan” festival is just around the corner and there wouldn’t have been a better day to celebrate the festival.

In this festival sister ties a thread on brother’s wrist and brother extends his protection,care and support to her. Of course a nice gift is also given to her along with lots os love.

The surprise of the evening was that she had brought a rakhi for me too. She expressed her desire to tie it on my wrist as a mark of respect for brother’s wife and I was also an intregal part of Tarun’s family. I was touched by her sweet gesture.

To me it was the delayed contact and it seemed as if I was meeting her for the first time. I will cherish the sweet memories of her short stay. Who says blood is always thicker than water. Not always. Vimmy is not my husband’s real sister but what she has done is more than any real sis would do. I would call her a ‘SOUL SISTER’.

Do you have similar festivals like Raksha Bandhan which you celebrate with siblings?



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  1. No special festivals here for such a celebration. I think the meaning of family is a little different. I had no brothers and sisters and live in another country to my family. thanks to the computer world, I have contact with a cousin in New Zealand, my cousins in England and a long lost friend in Australia that I found via facebook.

  2. We have no sibling festivals … and many of us don’t get on well with our siblings. How wonderful to find a family member to whom you can feel close and who apparently loves you in return. That is a rare and precious thing.

    1. It is wonderful to have someone like her who is so simple and loving. We don’t need any festivals to celebrate our bonding. It is there and the day we met turned into a festival.

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