Nothin’ But A Good Time: Let it be

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?
There is no good or bad time. Its’ all in our mind. For some people bad time is just the rough patch which comes in life before the good time begins. They start imagining wonderful and inspiring things that will happen in their life pretty soon and don’t think about the bad or rough patch they are going through. As Einstein said,” Imagination is more important than knowledge.”_DSC1709

Robin Sharma also says in his book, “You must spend some time every day, even it is just a few minutes, in the practise of creative envisioning. See yourself as you want to be.” So if you want good time imagine that the good times are here. 

Easier said than done? May be. There are situations when none of the knowledge sails you through the worse time you face. That is the time when you probably say,”O God, I’m done, no more acid tests for me.” That is when you actually want great moments ,real good time. No imagination, no visualization. _DSC1649

Why all of my duties and obligations must evaporate for the day, just to get the day all by myself ?

I can still make my day doing the daily tasks and performing duties. Generally weekends are kept to do anything I please. I can indulge myself in fun activities which would make my whole day fruitful. 

Trek is our favorite activity
Trek is our favorite activity

A morning trek, drive or a combination of both is what I look for during weekends. I love to go to the spots where I can click nice photos to maximise my happiness. Good time starts when I hang my camera, hold Tarun’s hand and leave for adventure trips.  Now a days we miss our children since they used to tag along where ever we went for outings but now a days both are busy with their studies. My boys have grown up too fast ! I believe It is a universal feeling.

lakes covered with floating moss
lakes covered with floating moss

I’m exploring the nearby areas and I’M LOVING IT !  

Spell bound by the beauty of western ghats. Lush green forests, Beautiful landscapes, gorgeous ranges, best companion, local food…..What else I can ask for? Yes, may be a world tour, well, hoping for good time to continue and that will also happen ! 

Mesmerised !
Mesmerised !



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  1. What a beautiful post 🙂 the pictures are stunning and you have a lot of thought provoking words here. Thanks for sharing! (I love hiking and photography as well) cheers!

  2. I love the colours in your photos, so brilliant and clear. I am retired, every day a holiday, but not quite, otherwise it would be a boring life. There is something to discover every day, even if it is only a pawprint on the floor.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Yes, clear, colorful, brilliant. Your photographs are so inviting that I want to be there! It’s difficult when our kids are busy or even move away. Sometimes we feel a little lost because we feel we are not needed as much. For me it’s that I miss them terribly. I knew the connection we had before, and I just miss it. Enjoy your envisioning. I can’t wait to see some more. Namaste

  4. Breathtaking scenery! Green fields, mountains, trees… can be so inspiring. Trail walk is my fav weekend activity. 🙂

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