Want that Spirit Back…..

Mesmerised !

Mt spirits are low…..

My soulmate is out……

For three months long exercise in deserts…..

Without him I feeL lonely…..

For the first time the father will be away for so long since my elder son has moved to Mumbai for higher studies

I am feeling a big void in my life….

One son away and younger too doesn’t need me as such…

I mean he his a grown up boy, no more dependent on me for so many things….

Busy in his own world of assignments, computers and studies, he hardly gets time

To talk, sit and go for walks with me….

Though he make sure that I should not feel lonely and

Keeps on doing funny things to pep up me.

But a feeling is sinking in me that what would happen when he goes away?

How would I feel in a house without them ?

How long we both as a couple will talk to each other?

There are couples who are my inspiration…..I see them together all the time…touch wood !

Not that I am staying without Tarun for the first time but before this I had never felt this way

Might be my kids were around me all the time, kept me in spin

I was a busy mom and a working woman.

This feeling is strange when two of us sitting in our rooms and doing our things

I don’t feel like writing now a days…This is what I want to change…..

I want my spirit back and I am sure it will happen soon

I have to accept the changes in my life……The sooner the better !



20 Responses

  1. You have such wisdom, we are here to feel all things….embrace this opportunity to know this loneliness and fill these little empty spaces with the joy you have from loving your family as well as you do. you are on the right track with writing about your feelings… It is what is most worth writing about in my eyes.

    1. I know I have a strong support system of friends & well wishers like you. I am overwhelmed by your genuine words. They mean a lot to me. Thanks for the encouagement.

  2. We all look at life from a different angle. Now and again Mr. Swiss was away on business when he was working. I was also working at that time, so had enough to occupy myself with. I quite liked it for a time only having to cook for myself, until I was looking forward to the coming home again. Now it seems I am the one that travels – to London to see my dad and to germany for my son’s wedding, and he stays at home. He also survives, but is glad when I am home again.

    1. I can understand how he must have felt to see you happy. I think I have to look at this way that now I am having more time for myself and I can learn new things in life.

  3. I used to wonder what I would do with myself once my kids were grown and gone. Now they are, and I’m loving it – so peaceful, especially when it’s just me and the dog. When the time comes, you’ll adjust.

    1. I know…. That’s what I m hoping for. I really miss my son and keeps on thinking about his health. He says that I worry a lot…I should divert my mind to other things.

  4. Yeah my friend, you have us, we need you… 🙂

    I guess it’s a time in every mothers life, I still remember “1000 years ago” when I moved from home for studying – my mother had tears in her eyes too – my friends don’t believe it, they claim that she was laughing and dancing up the table… 😀

    Come on give us a smile, you are even more good looking with a smile on your face… 🙂

    As a father so I understand you… 🙂

    1. O dear Drake, I’m so touched by your heart warming gesture. I love you all for this love you shower upon me. When I move around I feel that there are very few worth calling a family but everything changes as I arrive on this page. No dearth of love and oneness ! Thank you for always supporting & encouraging this soul. regards

  5. Grab that camera and go. Keep busy, be creative and time will move by … suddenly, he will be back. I really do think keeping busy doing creative stuff is the key to dealing with being alone. Read. Write. Make pictures. I’m rooting for you!

    1. Yeah sure ! I am going to keep myself busy in productive manner. Its time to relax and pamper myself right? It is midnight. Tomorrow first thing I m going to do is to click some pictures & share here.

  6. Reshmi
    I am going to be there soon too- one daughter in another country, studying and one in grade 11, with too many assignments to be free at all for me.
    I do think of what will happen when they both go away from me but then know that I have too much love in my heart to feel lonely.
    I will have my plants, my animals, birds and whichever living thing God puts in my way for me to take care of. When my work with them is done, they will move on and so will I.
    I have nominated you for a quote challenge. If it will bring your happy spirits back, please share your philosophy of life through a post.https://susieshy45.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/668/

    1. Thank you Susie for this amazing note and such kind words are really appreciated. I know yhat I have to deal with this void. All Imiss is their childhood. I am a nature lover so that way I am blessed with companions as you sai but it happens when my husband is not around. I will surely look for the quote. I will share my experience too.

      1. Thanks Reshmi. When my husband travels, I take the time to put my legs up and relax for a bit. Then I take myself off for some shopping or reading of books. Honestly I like some degree of loneliness- it gives me time to catch up with myself.

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