Number nightmare

Daily Prompt:  Nightmare Job

In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.


Any thing to do with numbers and I am gone

All my previous jobs were good and before they could turn nightmare to me I resigned for my husband was ready to move to a new location and as a loving wife I preferred tagging along with my kids rather than looking for stability and promotions.

I worked in many institutions and every time I cried during farewells and missed my friends. I have been fortunate to get such cool people to work with that I enjoyed thoroughly . On the whole job was never a compulsion rather it remained a source of growth, utilizing time and experience I had as a working woman for so long. Give me any portfolio I can manage except appointments asking for numbers accuracy, not at all my forte.

OMG the biggest nightmare when I have to calculate, taking out average, ratio, lowest or highest of any group of numbers. May be that is the reason as a blogger I am not stats manic.

I feel feverish and migrainous around exam time when I have to calculate total marks out of 100 or sometimes 80 and do it for five sections having strength of around 35 to 40 students per section and submit mark lists in hard as well as soft copy of all students along with formative and summative assessments. Phew ! 

I love teaching but paper work is one big pain. I can teach anytime anywhere on the earth. Live interaction with ignited minds brings so much satisfaction and pleasure at the end of the day but the amount of computer work we as teachers are required to do takes away all the charm of this profession. I feel so tiresome checking answer sheets on screen. Manual  assessment was much enjoyable as compare to struggling to read scanned ones. This is the reason I never pick up job as soon as I reach a new place. The break of few odd months rejuvenate me for next two years. Besides it I can pursue my other interests or hobbies.IMAG1051

Any thing on computer or paper regarding numbers gives me a feeling of boredom and blandness. I can’t sit on a laptop for long unless I am writing or doing something creative like editing photos or reading other’s posts. Rest of the chit chat and social media can be carried out with my phone easily.

Since my childhood I was never interested in making budgets, keeping bills, bank deposits, profit, loss and pass books. The only thing I knew was to spend money on the things I liked. I started earning from very young age but never kept a track of money I earned. Before marriage my father use to manage whatever small or descent amount it used to be and now my husband takes care of my bank account. I don’t have patience to keep a record of salary slips and bank account details. E banking too cannot lure me for that matter.

If ever I have to play with numbers I come out with unique ideas to make it interesting or simply take help of my husband and children. Life is less complicated without numbers. Art, emotions, creativity and love make world so beautiful and simple to live. No, I am happier without counting till ten !






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  1. Absolutely correct. You said it Andy. We should not judge any talent or intelligence by number game. How can a movie considered as classic if it earns more millions? A brilliant student sometimes is not able to score good marks. Same holds true for blogs. Too many hits don’t prove that one is a damn good writer. Thanks to marketing ugh. Creativity cannot be tapped by numbers or grades.

  2. Right! I hate numbers being a banker myself. Whenever any customer asks me ROI related complex questions…I avoid saying I am in a meeting 🙂

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