Patriotic till Last Breath !

Soldiers waiting for rations and rescue
Soldiers waiting for rations and rescue

A wife to man in Olive Green who is patriotic in every sense

Staying with him for last twenty years in forests so dense

Watched him saluting Tricolor donning uniform, so immense

Moved in hills, snow covered mountains, still no offense

Here he is, fully committed, dedicated to his beloved land

Protecting its borders, day in day out, tall he stands

One bullet is enough !

Need I say more…….Its all about pledge and patriotism



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  1. Rashmi, this post makes me sad. Wishing our futures be brighter and Peace reign over all countries. Thanks for informing us, though. ♡♡

  2. A Swiss soldier is a soldier for three weeks in a year. Afterwards he returns home and forgets being a soldier until the next year, with the exception of a full time military which we also have. My son was in uniform once a year for many years, now no longer – his duty has been done. There are vaious opinions in switzerland. Some find the army no longer necessary, we are not at war or are we?

    1. Yes, I fully agree. The officers and men must get some exposure of civil life in between. I mean we can always do that as you said we are not at war. Monotonous routine drain them mentally and physically.

  3. For he is there to watch.
    We are able to snore and sleep well and have all the breaths to the fullest.
    If that was a possibility I would lend my breath.
    What much would go of mine.
    For He is “Patriotic till Last Breath !”

  4. I’m sure being married to a professional soldier changes the way you view patriotism. And India has a huge amount of land and border to protect. Good job to both of you … as the supportive wife and the man who goes out there every day to do his duty.

    1. It is at times challenging and many a times you feel disgusting when you see politicians behave so insensitively with men in OG. Feels like asking these morons,”What do you know about their hardships?” Easier to talk big things from the stage than actually serve in there.

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