Photo101 Day 4: BLISS

Bliss is s state of ecstasy. It transcends one into a world of perfect happiness, joy and calm.

What kind of joy?

Depends from person to person……..

To nature lover it is beautiful sunrise or dawn

To a gardener it is a rose, a lush green lawn

To a devotee, guru or disciple, God is spiritual joy

To a soul who has left the body, so heavenly joy

To a teacher, successful students, pride with joy

To a mother, loving kids, an extremely emotional joy

Bliss is so precious, we find it in every small and big thing

Bliss can be a phone call made to lonely parents

Bliss can be in looking after sick, old and orphans

Do good, be in bliss, stay blessed, lovely humans

This is so serene, to me it is bliss
This is so serene, to me it is bliss



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