Remove The Fog To Receive Light

Copyright @rashmikshyp
Whenever I get lost my way in the fog of chaos

My soul holds my hand and lead the path 

It is so easy to take the wrong route in absence of clarity

Thank God my consious allows me to preserve my sanity

” Slow, steady progress will get you beyond the fog to see clearly again.”

-Ken Lauher

Keep following your heart and soul with true spirit and you will see yourself as unstoppable. Feel the warmth of God to remove the cold dense fog of ignorance. Knowledge of right and wrong is essential to continue walking on the path of goodness. In response to Marsha’s WQWWC#48 Fog ( Writer’s Quote Challenge)

The picture, the quote, and the verse above is purely my creation. No usage is allowed without my written consent. Warm wishes, Soul.



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