Sunday Stills & CBWC: Anything that Flies

Dubai mall's iconic diving men sculpture and fighter planes smoke trails in the sky.

Better late than never. Here’s my entry for Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge. Terri has asked Fur-tastic photo for Birds of a Feather and before she posts another today I played along with this one. This also is the entry for Cee’s CBWC: Anything that flies. The header picture shows Dubai mall’s iconic diving men sculpture. They literally look as if flying before the dive so I found it apt for this challenge. The rest of the pictures were captured while I was watching Air Force Day Parade. The birds are from all over the country.

Enjoy this video, shot at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, also called Keoladeo Ghana National Park, a famous avifauna sanctuary that hosts thousands of finest birds and fauna species, mostly during the winters. The Keoladeo Temple is located inside the Sanctuary premises which is why the park got its name on the temple. I visited the place long back when bird watching was not so desirable as it is today. Not many were interested in watching wildlife in their natural habitat rather they would prefer going to a Zoo or spending their money on travel to big cities. You would find only genuine wildlife enthusiasts exploring these parks. Now due to social media suddenly these places have become a bucket list item. These days everyone is a travel addict, developing passion overnight. No wonder we are living in the digital world where hobbies and passions change as per the trend changes on the internet. Hope you have enjoyed my choices for both themes. Have a peaceful weekend friends. Soul.



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  1. Lovely photography! Your birds are gorgeous and I really like the two seagulls caught in flight! I love airshows…our former home was close to an air field so we could watch the show from our backyard. Great shots and glad to see you again posting for Sunday Stills!

  2. Outstanding. Perfect creative post for birds. I was just at an airship last week and have lots o photos of contrails. haha. I was trying for specific photos captures (using my iPhone) without success. Great fun anyway. A nice collection. Donna

    1. You ought to be lucky to get a perfect flying bird shot with camera, with phone even more. So much of motion going on so mostly it end up with blurry pictures unless you have a mastery in adjusting shutter speed. Thank you for lovely comment. 😍

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