Who can beat the Indians when it comes to culture and traditions. It is deeply rooted in us right from our childhood. Children grow up watching their mothers and grandmothers doing all rituals dedicately. Though the joint family culture is declining fast and working parents are finding it difficult to preserve the values, they still […]

It’s Not This Time of Year Without….

To me Diwali is only when I draw beautiful patterns on the floor popularily known as Rangoli. That’s what make my Diwali festival complete. Every year without fail I make rangoli at the entrance of my home. Lighting Diyas, laxmi pooja nad celebrating the festival with my family makes my Diwali so special. It brings […]

Catching Lost Breath

After climbing so many stairs, I had to catch my breath ! This was early in the morning while I went for the weekly trek and couldn’t climb further without a short break. Huffing and puffing, I needed to drink water and of course it was time to click few pictures. I was having my […]


For me today’s one word  is Struggling…. searching….. giving up….. feeling shallow….. Don’t know how to say you all this…..excatly after four months…. Last four months….no blogging, no writing, no photography I mean I had lost my soul, my spirit, I wasn’t doing the things I love….. I am still nervous….feels like as if I have […]


Every weekend I decide not to blog, stay away from internet and laptop, no Facebook and whatsapp or any other connection with the world which requires Wi Fi. Promises are meant to be broken. Truly said in this case as I find myself glued to blogging even on Saturday and Sunday. Shhh….Saturday is my most […]


How embarrassing it was for me. I was constantly nagging, ticking off children for losing the expensive pen which I gifted them, blamed them not to value gifts and then one fine day I got it inside my pouch which I carried to school. Actually I had borrowed it for my work few days before, […]


Today’s prompt asks, “Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?” Why should I forgive and forget? Read my previous response to this prompt. forgive-and-forget-i-do-it-my-way Now I will say what I want to. I don’t know why this prompt is so close to daily post team. Frequently asked. In fact it […]


Priceless and precious bundle of joy sparkling bright eyes, a twinkle to enjoy Soft cushioned hands, a gentle touch Infectious smile, communicate love Charming face transmit only trust Chubby cheeks, glitter as gold My sweetie, a wonder to hold Ten tiny fingers and little toes A miracle of life, affection shows  Sweetie pie, my younger […]


My heart lies there where snow peaks shine through sky Let me move to and fro where the mountains are so high   I will be a wandering poet, embracing the nature, evolving each day Enjoy the music produced by brook and beck chatter over stony way The other place my soul feel happy would […]

Pretender, Me ?

I pretend or actually I’m the one, you know it better Confident of my capabilities, aware of my short comings There was never ever the need to pretend what I was not Can’t fool around myself. I have worked so hard to learn and achieve.  At times I feel I get over praise for my […]