For me today’s one word  is Struggling….


giving up…..

feeling shallow…..

Don’t know how to say you all this…..excatly after four months….

Last four months….no blogging, no writing, no photography I mean I had lost my soul, my spirit, I wasn’t doing the things I love….. I am still nervous….feels like as if I have to start from sctrach…..

I didn’t plan it….it happened on its own….In the begignning of new year I was extremely busy and was not able to write actually. Many bloggers left a note on my last post and I replied too that I would be back soon . I had no idea by then that it would take so long to come back.

Have I lost it? O my God ! I am freezed !….

My followers must have left me, forget me….
What had happened to me? Why was I so reluctant not to log in and write something? Was I running away from myself? My husband told me so many times to leave everything stupid I was knee deep involved with and start blogging but I was adamant not to. Was I tired of blogging and taking work as an excuse? No, after all I was doing for my husband and he needed my support. Or was I trying to prove myself as a dedicated and sincere one to the world? Does anyone care out there, huh?

I missed my friends so much, I used to feel so bad for not reading their blogs…..I terribly missed writing someone,”Keep inspiring” but then why I was not telling her? Why couldn’t I just post two lines.. ” HEY ! I AM MISSING YOU ALL BADLY…ISN’T THERE ANYOTHER WAY  THAT I CAN BE IN TOUCH WITH YOU ALL….NOT ABLE TO BLOG, DON’T FEEL LIKE TYPING ANYMORE.” I was in a different world altogether totally away from creativity and me-time.

Things changed when my husband read one of the mails in my mail box ( I wasn’t even checking my mails ! ) and found out a massage of a very special person. She was really perturbted about my sudden silence. She is a great source of strength to me and Tarun has a fair idea about my feelings for her therefore he told me to act immidietalely. I don’t know whether she will read this or not but ‘ “I’m really sorry for not checking your mail. I am so fortunate to have you in my well-wisher’s list.

Don’t know whether how many people remember this soul and spirit but those who miss me…..(Yes I know few of them who were worried about me and wondered about my long absence) I am so sorry not to reply to their e mails or queries.

I will try to be more regular and will leave a note in case I go away. Has it ever happened with you? looking for answers…..






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  1. Yes this has definately happened to me. I just took up blogging again after a 3 months hiatus where all i did was work and sleep. I wanted to write, but was unable to muster up the energy and the time. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up for it. I am sure your devoted followers are glad that you are back.

    1. Now I can relate to it. I can’t say much about my followers but at least I am glad to be back. I had almost forgotten how to link a post ! Phew ! Good I am back again 🙂

  2. Yep happened to me and I can relate to all of what you wrote, including getting emails from my followers wondering where I was and hoping I was okay. Went AWOL from my blog for almost 6 months, no one reason, just did and the longer the vacay went the harder it was to get back. Took a funeral and a new desk for my bedroom to get me back at it. Had to fight off the after-the-back questioning I was still doing and just focus on writing today. It’s working for me, I have a hunch it will work for you too. Welcome back, your readers missed you. Blessings … Marianne

    1. Thank you so much Marianne. You have given me much needed relief and I am so emotional right now to hear from you all. I too missed my friends so much. I will keep your advice in mind.

  3. I thought I saw something yesterday with you in mind, but was not sure. Welcome back, we really missed you so much and were a little concerned. There was even a message sent out in the cyber world by our special friend “Where is she”, but you have returned to the blogging pack. Isn’t that what we are here for, to keep an eye on us and care for each other. I am so glad to see you again. your blogging friend somewhere in Switzerland

    1. I love you so much my Swiss friend ! I terribly missed your feline, cows, fields and what not. Infact while I wondered at times while going to bed at night that wordy might be back by now and Angloswiss must have been rewarded with the prestigious dream award but work and changed environment had left no energy in me to blog. Now I am slowly coming back to my own life.

  4. I really WAS worried. I’m just glad you’re okay. If you ever need to disappear again, just leave a note that we don’t need to worry that you’ve been buried under a mudslide or drowned in a flood. There were awful things happening in the part of India in which you were living, so there was a good deal of genuine concern that something bad had happened. Being on the other side of the world makes it pretty hard to get any information, so I’m really happy that it was just “life getting in the way of art” and not anything worse.

    Missed you. Glad you are back. VERY glad you are back.

    1. Yes sure, Worst things are happeneing here at this moment too. There are earth quakes in Mayanmar, Indonesia and North East India also is inn the danger Zone. We have three jerks since last three days including Delhi. Now I won’t dissapear so soon. Feeling blessed to a have friends and well-wishers like you. Keep loving.

      1. The concern she has shown is so genuine and it made me realize that I belong to this world. I value this and touched by the bonding.

  5. Your husband is a peach!!! You don’t have to worry about people “unfollowing” you. I don’t think they often do. They just wait for you to come back to them. Just write. There is no falling behind or catching up. We just write. It isn’t a competition. It is a lifestyle and a compulsion. Don’t look back. Or forward. Just sit down and write whatever you want to and enjoy it…Glad to see you back again!!! oxox Judy

  6. So very relieved to read your post, Rashmi! I agree with other bloggers that we go through the stage that we want to keep distance, for whatever the reason, even from the things we enjoy to do (or especially for writing). I have been hoping to see you in the blogosphere, glad you are back. 🙂 🙂

  7. you’re not due, to blog, Rashmi! you do it simply for you. as long, as your audience is following, everything is fine. when they decide to unfollow, that’s fine, too. This is you, your time, your soul, your spirit. as long, as you have anything to tell, it will flow out of your heart and won’t ever be a burden. your heart (and mind) is the source of all of your creativity. after a long rain, the spring will overflow with water. but, the other side of the medal is, without rain, the source will dry up. it seems, you’re currently in a period with less rain. that happens every now and than. in nature and in peoples minds as well. take your pause. it’s a refreshing and recuperating time. think about your blog and the past time. which direction did it go? do you have still the same destination? do you have to make some adjustments? don’t forget, you’re not due to deliver anything to anyone. your blogging time should be a pleasure time for you, not a burden!
    Many years ago, when it was hip for many, many people to have their own web site, they started to publish trash and garbage. My own opinion at that time was, as long as you don’t have anything to tell, shut up! That’s still true. Have a message. Have something to tell. That’s the way to keep your readers with you.
    Life changes. Interests change, too, over time. Something, that was easy yesterday, might be a burden today. Take you break as long, as necessary. Rethink you goals as well as your schedule. Don’t come back too early. You might struggle soon again.
    But, in the meantime, it’s good, to know about your situation.
    Thumbs up!

    1. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I loved each and every word you said ! How very true and how aptly you put it up. I am so grateful to you to write such a detailed note which I wanted to say but couldn’t. I love writing but blogging is time consuming and it takes a toll on your health if you do it like crazy the way I did for around two years. I have understood the art now. Thanks for being so considerate.

  8. Hey welcome back …. This where your soul belongs to so do what you enjoy most
    Looking forward to seeing some wonderful posts on what life has been during past couple of months to begin with … Rock on the way you want 👍

  9. Life is all about waves, all in different sizes – sometimes we listen too much at our inner voice, sometimes we listen too little – actually I believe you not realize how much we enjoy your company here on WP – shame on you girl… 😀 😀 😀

    Really missed your thoughtfulness writning here… 🙂

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