How To Reduce Cosmetic Waste To Be Sustainable

It was indeed shocking to read the report on just how much waste the cosmetics industry generates. Even worse, “the biggest chunk of cosmetic waste mostly ends up in landfills,” stated Australia’s Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment notes. The report says that the Global Cosmetic industry touched $662bn. We only made it possible, […]

Bokeh in Photography

Bokeh has roots in Japan that can be defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.” The word originated from the Japanese word boke which means “haze” or “blur.” [BO – KEH].) That’s what Google search says about Bokeh photography. Now the next obvious question is how to create the Bokeh effect […]

Lens-Artists: A Day from The Week

Festivities are in full swing at this time of the year. In the west people are celebrating Halloween while here in India we are glittering and shining in Diwali celebrations. Who doesn’t feel happy and gay during festivals? Therefore a theme as exciting as this one brings all the more reason to share one of […]


Look around you and you will get plenty of spikes that nature gifts us. Though some species have thorns/spikes on them still it is super beneficial for us. For example, the Aloe vera plant is a medicinal herb having spikes all over the leaves. The medicinal value is known to one and all. There are […]


Pink is colour of this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge and also this post is part of FOTD-22 Oct I liked this cute poem on pink colour by Marry, Merrily on Pinkalicious. Have a pinkful October ! Warm wishes, Soul.


Blue is magic to the stressed eyes. Blue gives you hope, it shows you limitless possibilities as you look up to the sky. Your spirit uplifts and you start finding the reason to be happy and high. Blue is cool, stable and omnipresent. Blue is water, Blue is sky, it soothes our eyes and heart […]