Cee’s Flower of the day: Lotus

Cee’s Flower of the day 3rd October Once again they bloom in my garden…. in abundance like last year ! Once again I would be able to observe them opening with the golden rays of sun and going off to sleep with the sunset. Enjoy the beautiful creation of nature 😊


  Now at this point of life I wonder at times that do dreams really get fulfilled?  If yes then right now I am sitting at the bank of the river and dreaming to float forever…,, Floating, I dream to enter the other continents..,,,, I dream of meeting those wonderful people living on other land […]


Many years ago there was a man who was gifted crystal clear voluminous brooks, waterfalls and pristine lakes to quench his thirst, fresh air to breathe and fruit laden trees to take care of his hunger but he was not satisfied then. He wanted to progress in life, he moved ahead and kept on doing […]

Mundane Monday Challenge #58

Here is my response to Mundane Monday Challenge run by my blogger friend Jathin every Monday. This challenge is all about finding beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and uploading the pictures.  Yesterday I had almost finished my dinner and was about to leave the restaurant, I asked the waiter to refill my […]


It is a well known fact now that the world is facing acute water shortage and condition is worse in Inda having nine of its states are struggling with draught.  No wonder animals are also effected badly. Below are the pictures I clicked day before yesterday during my morning walk. ï»¿ When I saw him sitting […]


I found a beautiful, pristine, crystal clear blue heart in the lap of Himalayan mountains.  Journey was tiring, path was curvaceous, altitude was higher, view was fabulous As I was trying to capture the magnificent landscape, this water body appeared before us !  A heart shaped lake ! So serene,so calm, magical and angelic spot, […]

Teal or Turquoise around me ( Cee’s Fun Foto )

This week’s theme is Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Turquoise or Teal. I looked around to click few pictures with specific color and the moment I saw this painting of Buddha in my living room I knew it was perfect for the theme. Isn’t it ? This fruit tree is growing in my garden. Custard […]

Half and Half Makes It Beautiful

This week I’m sharing few images that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively. In the first photo I have focused on composition like an eagle sitting on a rock and took a photo with an explicit  diagonal dividing line. While capturing hills I wanted to bring clouds in other half.  I tried to bring […]