Many years ago there was a man who was gifted crystal clear voluminous brooks, waterfalls and pristine lakes to quench his thirst, fresh air to breathe and fruit laden trees to take care of his hunger but he was not satisfied then. He wanted to progress in life, he moved ahead and kept on doing what he thought was right..,…industries were born, machines and technology made him high headed. 

There came a day when he found himself developed and successful but to his surprise he was left with only man made kingdom. 

Where were streams? Lakes and ponds? 

Where were the trees? Air was also not smelling the same. Alas! He found himself searching for organic and farm fresh food among the vast ocean of chemically grown shit. 

Although he had satisfied his thirst of success but how to satisfy the biological thirst which could be only fulfilled by water..,..

To his horror water had become commodity now.That too an expensive one. Not many people could afford safe drinking water in the world.  

Slowly he walked ahead and bought few mineral bottles from a grocery shop. He proudly said,”Thank God, I have money. I will always remain healthy as long as I drink this water.”
A hungry boy, almost resembling a skeleton, wearing rags was watching him silently. With great effort he asked him, “I have left with no money to buy  mineral water,can you please help me?”

The arrogant man replied, “There are no free lunches in the world. Do I look like a fool, working day and night to earn money? Get up you lazy bum and do something worthwhile. See you have to pay price for water here. ” 

The boy kept on wondering if God was a fool. Why he gave us everything free when he could earn so much, eh? Probably he underestimated his own creation’s abilities. 



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