Unsung Heroes of the Forest

In response to the daily prompt: Unsung Heroes


The swamp deers of Kanha National Park will definitely attract your attention the moment you have a glimpse of their furry, soft, shiny and spotted skin. You will promptly take out your camera, take your position and about to click few close ups in the meantime there will be lot of action witnessed by you. All the vehicles will move towards a particular direction and the drivers will talk in their code words. You will ask your driver,

” What happened there? Why this movement of vehicles?”

” The tiger has been spotted by one of the staff workers 20 meters ahead. There were call of jackals too.”

” You mean he has actually seen him moving on the road?”

” Yes of course ! He walked on the road for quite some time.”

” WOW! It would be so exciting, no? Let me click few shots of the deer, you don’t start the gypsy until I say.”

” Ma’am we have to reach at the designated spot before there is lot of commotion there, we won’t get the chance to see him closely. You will see plenty of deers in the forest. They make a good population here.

” Wait ! I have read that Swamp deers are found only here, in Kanha National Park in Central India. This deer species has been  declared endangered, already extinct in Pakistan and Bangladesh.I have not managed to take a close up yet. Since I don’t have a macro lens with me therefore have to wait for him to come closer”

Swamp deer from a distance

“Who wants to forgo the opportunity to see majestic cats in their natural habitat in front of these deers? People come all the way to just have glimpse of them and here you are, wasting your time in clicking these deers.”

“Okay ! Let’s move. But you have to compensate for this later by showing them to us again”

” I will sure.”

The driver will drive fast, on the way you will see langurs making noise as if they want to show their existence in the forest, you will request the driver to stop to get some shots, he will politely refuse the request but certainly do a favour by slowing down the speed so that you can click a few. Soon you will join others, who would be standing silently, waiting anxiously for the tiger to appear with cameras ready to click in a fraction of second.

The deers and the langurs according to me are like unsung heroes who would any day love to see the same excitement and enthusiasm shown for the tigers. Alas ! it never happens……..

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Langurs and deers enjoying the sunlight                                                                                                                               



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