I have left little in me for sure. Since last month I have literally utilized my strength and stamina in packing and then opening huge trunks and boxes and not to forget the furniture, skillfully packed by “Movers and Packers”.

Therefore when I saw the prompt I was in no mood to discuss it any further that how vigorously  I set up, organised  my nest and how tired I was until last week though we explored the city, watched movies, hit the food joints and attended our dining in party and  musical fest all along it.

I am sort of settled now, enjoying my stay in a palatial house. while I’m typing I faintly remember a picture of a leopard, clicked by one of my acquaintances, a wildlife photographer, Mr.Chandrashekhar. I guess it can very well define Vigor.DSC_5863.JPG

There is something more to discuss on Vigor. How about sharing something known as smart textiles for well-being. Today I read an article, published in  the Finnish magazine “Tekstiililehti” written by Kristi Kuusk which featured — amongst others — the Vibe-ing and Vigour projects. What about allowing the garments or textiles take care of us? Just think about it that a gentle tap on a shoulder given by a garment rather than an app reminding  us to straighten our backs?

The article was published by The Finnish Textile Technology Association (STTL Association), which is a community for the technical professionals in the Finnish textile, clothing and footwear industry. The article takes a service perspective on several issues surrounding the topic wellbeing.

Vibe -ing is a self care tool  in a form of garment which invites body to feel,move and heal through the vibration therapy.

Vigour is a product service system that enables geriatric patients, their families and their physiotherapists to gain more insight into the exercise and progress into rehabilitation process.images-16

Smart textiles combine traditional textile canvas with electronic and digital materials, and hold the properties of both – the soft skin friendly fabric and the dynamic data components. The combination of textiles and technology opens up opportunities for societal sustainability and wellbeing. Those go beyond the product-oriented sustainability aspects for textile items and are moving towards service-oriented thinking.

Smart garments offer care and support to workers.I don’t know how much comfortable or reliable these are but it’s good to see people thinking on these lines.  I wouldn’t mind to gift a vigor cardigan for sure. That’s all on Vigor by me today. Good night.



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  1. I once had a sari, and even knew how to tie it with all the pleats at the front and had a long skirt to wear under it. I even had a choli to go with it. It was the most comfortable dress I ever had, although I know not everyone wears it in India. Why dress finnish when you have the ideal solution. I am sure those lovely clothes would not come in my size. I like it expanding and comfortable.

    1. Sari is all time hit and most graceful attire we have in our kitty. The best part is that you can keep experimenting with it everytime you wear it. It has come back again in a big way, especially the handloom ones. I would love to see your pic in sari, if you have clicked at the time you wore it.

      1. I think I might have a photo somewhere, must search for it, but I was much younger, about 21 years old at the time, and so I had other dimensions. I remember my bosses wife (she was Swiss) telling me that there was a fasion in India of the “coca cola” saris which were similar to the Coca cola bottles, flared out at the bottom, but she did not know how they were tied.

  2. Kudos for having the time to respond to the prompts after unpacking 🙂 I always did find it interesting the different types of scarves and fashion across the cultures 🙂

  3. This is exciting to move to a bigger place, “palatial” sounds beautiful, Rashmi.
    I was up at my Mom’s where three grown children and seven grandies came up so we all gathered at my brother’s house. We all had brought food to cook or bake, as well as spend time together. I took a few photos with Mom and her 7 great grandkids, but they are kind of dark colored and goofy. We had fun! Hope you enjoy your new home and location. 🙂

    1. So glad to hear from you dear Robin. Moved to a new city as Tarun had completed his tenure in the previous city. Was busy in settling so couldn’t interact much. Hopefully I will be regular now

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