Whenever I am traveling I make sure that I don’t go to the famous and run of the mill spots rather I would like to explore the local markets, street bazars and especially the market which falls near the famous temples or historic places.

The handicrafts, artifacts, garments and daily life commodities displays the cultural vibes and artistic flare of that particular area. Just by roaming in the streets you will get the idea of the kind of food people eat, the dresses they wear and the lifestyle they lead. Take a look at some of the colorful pics captured while exploring Tirumala hills situated in Andhra Pradesh, India. I recently happened to visit this street market situated in the close vincity of an ancient temple was full of vibrancy and hope that these spiritual places will again receive devotees from all over the world soon…. very soon. Amen !

I guess my pictures have enough shades to colour your world Apricot. Stay in touch for more 🙂



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