Hello everyone, I am so happy to share this wonderful piece of information which filled me with extreme happiness and satisfaction that Yesterday evening I published my 100th post on Word Press ! post-milestone-100-1x When I started blogging two and a half months before I was not sure how my journey would proceed, what I would write, how my work would be received but one thing I was sure about ‘ I will be positive and honest with my words.‘  I maintained it throughout not bothering about the stats I kept on writing, published one or two posts daily. I found few faithful readers those who are well established and seasoned bloggers, writers themselves, during my initial trials and today they are more than treasured friends in Blogosphere . I want to thank all my followers, fellow bloggers and friends to support and inspire me to reach this small but significant milestone which would not have been possible without their immense love and encouragement. My blog is growing and I am receiving more visitors than before those who read, give their feedback and we are always connected ! What else would be better than this?

Thank you Word Press for giving me a wonderful platform to paint my thoughts, my world on this vast canvas to let it reach so many amazing people. My blog is growing slowly but surely, looking forward to be a better blogger and to connect with cheerful souls out there.

Have a great day :) 



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