Wheels for my Santa

You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?

It has to be a red Lamborghini and it would be for my elder son.


It is an ideal gift for him which he will treasure so much. He was a small child when he had seen it for the first time, since then he has been dreaming that he is driving it zip zap zoom on the express way and with him sitting his brother….Yes you read it correctly his bro and NOT his girl friend.We would have also accompanied him if it was a four seater. Alas! it is a two seater wonder.

He is going to be eighteen this Christmas, yes ! my son shares Lord Jesus’s birthdate……our lucky charm ! and he would be elated to get a gift from Secret Santa. Every year Santa gifts him a goodies bag and stocking fillers but this time it would be wow! a car ! that too a glamorous one…..

This is the poem you will enjoy reading how the family reacted to his birth on Christmas day…… 

Well, here comes the most memorable moment of my life
A moment of pride, the ultimate bliss of wife
When my eldest son arrived in the world
So accomplished, blessed, complete I felt
Excitement at peak, wishes were being pelt
All my worries, anxiety and the pain melt

Oh, It was 25th Dec. holy Christmas day,
A chubby, cute JESUS was born, healthy and gay
Doctors, nurses, patients, care takers
Along with relatives, friends and sisters
All came one by one to bless the newly born
“Little JESUS has arrived on Christmas !” they said
Celebrations started bang on !
My husband was thrilled, looked never so happy
trying to hold, touch and feel his precious baby
My mom in law glowing, talking and sharing her observations
Nose like mother, lips like father, while she checked body formations
My parents dancing, distributing sweets, mailing friends out of station
Lying on the bed relaxed, silently I watched them
Jubilant as well as cautious, I held my little gem
You can read the full poem click below.




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  1. Many years ago I was driving home and was behind a Lamblrghini Countach, what a fascinating car. It was bright red of course, but have never forgotten the experience. Even the number plate was in red. Yes Santa, bring me a Lamborghini, the problem being I would probably not be able to drive it. happy Christmas or Eid or Diwali or whatever.

    1. I can imagine Mrs. Human driving the car while Mr.Swiss enjoying the drive. Tabby is as usual busy eating her share of tuna fish. Happy Chrismas to my favorite Swiss family.

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