Last but not the Least

For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.


How I wish I could read new books on the shelves 

I don’t see any chance in the coming days friends

My hands are full, my son is here for winter vacations

I have to attend so many parties, dinners n salutations

Writing Flash fiction story is another addiction 

Yesterday only I was hurrying to attend Live in Concert in time

O my God! I twisted my foot and shoe heel cracked

Though not injured, I wasn’t feeling slacked

On the stage performer sang my favorite song 

We grooved on the melodious tunes, ding dong !!!

Final Trio ending with 0 response… old song 🙂 🙂

Would you like to know more about the flash fiction chain?  Here is the link.

This is my contribution to the current one. It is going great !



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  1. Yeah I know the feeling of rushing to get things done. I have been doing the same, cleaning and prepping for Christmas. Family coming up to Kuala Lumpur this time for Christmas. Have a good holiday Rashmi!

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