5 popular myths of Healing Busted

For too long, we didn’t recognise our own power to heal. We were part of the eco system which made us dependent on other things, people, or procedures. We had blind faith in doctors, drugs, and outside-in forces. We are now shifting the consciousness to recognize that ALL healing comes from within.

The old story that healing comes from the outside, you needed another person to “cure” you goes back to antiquity. The witch, the medicine man, the shaman…..all did doing something to you, to rid you of “evil” sprits or disease.

Enter the new paradigm, where the mindset is that healing comes from the inside. Does it mean you do not require any guide, doctor or mentor to show you the path ? Yes, You may still require someone to lead the way, to coach you, or be the torch bearer along the path. Under their able mentorship you will see yourself healed. It is a process that happens deep within you.  

Now let’s look at some myths and bust them one by one. 

Myth: Healing is an instantaneous process. 
Reality: Healing is a gradual and ongoing process that can take time. Even with modern medicine, certain conditions can take weeks, months, or even years to heal. True healing involves addressing the underlying causes of the illness rather than just treating the symptoms.

Myth: Only doctors can heal. 
Reality: While doctors and other healthcare professionals play an essential role in healing, they are not the only ones. Healing can come from various sources, including family, friends, spiritual leaders, therapists, and other complementary practitioners.

Myth: Healing is solely a physical process. 
Reality: Healing involves not only the physical body but also the mind, emotions, and spirit. Neglecting any of these aspects can hinder the healing process. For example, emotional stress can cause physical symptoms, and spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer can help ease emotional and physical pain.

Myth: Healing requires expensive treatments.
Reality: While medical treatments and therapies can be costly, there are also many simple and inexpensive ways to promote healing. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, and practicing stress-reducing techniques such as meditation and deep breathing can all support the body’s natural healing process.

Myth: Healing means getting rid of all symptoms. True healing involves addressing the root cause of the signs and promoting overall health and wellness. 
Reality: Symptom relief is an essential aspect of recovery but is not the only goal. In some cases, symptoms may persist even after the underlying condition even after it gets resolved, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that the healing process has failed.

To conclude all I need to say is we have to recognize our soul strength and take inspiration from nature. Do plants and animals need outside help to heal from their wounds and climatic disturbances. No, most of the healing takes place naturally. Who treats them in the wild?

Believe in your supernatural powers and roar to GO !!! 



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