Grand Slam

The World Series starts tonight! In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? (For the baseball-averse, that’s a last-minute, back-against-the-wall play that guarantees a dramatic victory.)

Yes I watch Tennis grand slam

Roger Federer is my favorite

But we are supposed to talk about baseball, right?

I don’t watch it very often, except when my husband play 

He used to participate in Baseball matches where crazy players in a home

run hit with all three bases occupied by base runners

and easily scored four runs, most possible in one play

Slam the door on one’s opponents is necessary to call it Slam

The louder it is the grander it is…..GRAND SLAM ! Sweeping the major tournaments

Roger Connor, Don Mattingly Alex Rodriguez….. stars of grand galaxy

What about my life’s walk-off home run ?

So far so good, extremely satisfying, filled with happiness and gratitude

I was so thrilled to see my husband and son enjoying the Grand Slam Breakfast in one of the oldest restaurant in Darjeeling having completed 100 years since its establishment in the British Colonial days.

.Breakfast at Keventer’s is a legacy by itself. The true english breakfast with the best of salami and ham and eggs with sunny side up – Just wow. 

Now this is called Grand Slam Breakfast !

Keventer’s has always been a dear eatery. Keventer’s has made its own name in serving some of the best English breakfast, tea and snacks in this hill town.

Always a busy bee, I love to be involved in many things at one time, if it is known as multi tasking then yes, I am the one !

I am running, huffing, puffing with a long list of ‘to-do list’ for this week

Festive time, busy time, lots of get togethers, gifts to be send

I have to prepare some sweets at home, some crispy snackers for munching in between meals, children tend to feel more hungry during holidays, social commitments to be taken care of.

Tomorrow is ‘Princess Night’ in our club, my both the sons will wear ethnic dress

Their Nehru collared jackets have to be ironed along with my Lehenga Saree 

Oh ! It reminds me that I have to arrange for drums in Officer’s Institute for my younger son’s performance

The contestants for Prince and Princess Night have to show some talent on stage, he is all set to play his favorite beats tomorrow. I am hoping to have a great time with my family. Time to link my post with other responses on the magical grid. 

Have a great time 🙂

Daily Prompt: Grand Slam



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