Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Garden Knick Knacks

The other day I was sitting in my garden admiring the pleasant weather. Trees were looking so green as it rained in the afternoon. There was no dirt on leaves and flowers were tilted to a side due to heavy down pour. Suddenly I saw my collection of terra cotta knick knacks in my garden. […]

The Perfect Sky

Skies can be tricky. The best lighting for human subjects is a slight overcast or near dusk/dawn, which can leave your sky a little washed out or darkening. Or if you wait until sunset, you have to get creative with lighting your main subjects (unless the sky is your main subject). Occasionally, you luck out […]

Mercy on animals ! Stop the Stupid Old Dance !

Serendipity Photo Prompt: Stupid Old People ” Is your elephant ready for safari?” asked a restless old lady from the crowd of tourists. She was looking anxious and worried. ” I will go after an hour. That group is leaving shortly. You can join them for safari.” replied the mahout.  The lady and his aged […]

Now I Take It Easy

Gone are those days when I used to feel heat Deadline coming near, my heart used to beat I am much calmer and easy going now Don’t succumb under pressure somehow  I have run, done enough to prove my capabilities Shown my talent, a  perfectionist, tested my abilities Times have changed, pressure doesn’t kick me […]

Half and Half Makes It Beautiful

This week I’m sharing few images that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively. In the first photo I have focused on composition like an eagle sitting on a rock and took a photo with an explicit  diagonal dividing line. While capturing hills I wanted to bring clouds in other half.  I tried to bring […]

Lookin’ Out My Door: I See My Tree House !

This is what it looks like when I look out my door or window. Look at my beautiful green lawn and a equally green tree house !  The tree house is undoubtedly one of the attractive features of my small garden. I love to sit there in the evening and enjoy watching the garden blooms. You […]

I want to thank you Ma…

Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible                                                                  -Marion C Garrett Mothers are the best gift […]


Before I get late I MUST JUMP IN ! I have been so busy for last two weeks, too many social appearances have drained me out. Finding time to blog became almost like a challenge. I barely wrote few posts just to be there but I am happy about the fact that I could manage […]