The Perfect Sky

Skies can be tricky. The best lighting for human subjects is a slight overcast or near dusk/dawn, which can leave your sky a little washed out or darkening. Or if you wait until sunset, you have to get creative with lighting your main subjects (unless the sky is your main subject). Occasionally, you luck out and can get a great sky without sacrificing whatever else is in the picture.

Here are my choices for One Word Photo Challenge: Perfect Sky


I used to sit and watch for hours....
I used to sit and watch for hours….



18 Responses

  1. So many beautiful shots..Where’s that first building on there from? oh and I see you registered your blog too under copyright, good call 🙂

      1. True, I’m still getting people stealing my photos, despite that so I’ve cropped my photos half size, kinda ruins the shot somewhat but at least I have the full picture 🙂

  2. All excellent skies, though I favor the flying gulls and that breathtaking vista of you mountains. Sometimes, it’s hard to do anything but gasp in wonder at your pictures and what they portray!

  3. I always like how you show me places I may never travel yo, Rashmi. Sweet buildings and skies. You capture people well when you have family posts. 🙂

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