2214 Bonanza

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

Dear fortunate buyer,

I believe you are the fortunate one to made up your mind to finally buy my dusty hard drive. It has now acclaimed the status of an antique. I will warn you before buying it  for the following reasons of course:- 

Buyer, Beware ! Do you live life? Travelled like crazy miles and miles on rugged mountains?

Do you spread happiness around with your positive thoughts? Have you ever captured voluminous water falls, magnificent landscapes? 

Have you ever felt the thrill of being a loved person? Written a verse, compiled some random photos and made a collage ?

Have you shared, cared and loved enough ? If yes then it may have some use for you. This contains colorfully illustrated, guided travelogue where I shared my travel experiences encountered while traveling. It’s packed with journeys and explorations  which I did with my family, interactive and some silly posts in response to Wordy’s inspirational prompts thrown at bloggers ( Is he still having a miserable time at Angloswiss house to dig the future tunnel?)

 There wouldn’t be any space left on the hard drive for other things,  mostly used to capture Himalayan ranges, festivities, restaurant reviews, overhead quotes; fictional short stories, poems( may call rhyming or verse according to your standard) and other relevant information; teaching pages, poetry collaboration; and a pocket for garden flowers.

To top it all, the gratitude messages, thanks giving notes and sweet rememberances of those who helped me in my journey called LIFE.

If you are still interested in buying, all I would say, ” You are on your way to become a SPIRITED SOUL”




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  1. Wordy is now on holiday somewhere in Silicon Valley, something to do with a new programme when he will return with new bright ideas, He is being fitted with a new Apple brain to be able to communicate with me, since I have changed my system. Yes, it will be all fun and games and he will be my faithful partner in crime for all future prompts (I think).

    1. Wow ! I am so elated to read your comment and what a lovely gesture coming from you to support and encourage me by elaborating the status of wordy.
      This calls for a party today. Thanks a ton. 🙂

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