Spicy Yet Healthy

If “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” (Truman Capote), how spicy do you like your success stories?


When I was given the title of  ‘Miss SUGAR & SPICE’ during my class tenth farewell

Least I knew the meaning of sugar and spice, everything around me blended well

I was the House captain, cultural secretary, an acclaimed debater, academically well

A curious mind, a youthful soul, a heart to love, a dream to live, a thought to dwell

A burning desire, creative side screaming to bloom, kind conscious pure like pearl 

All set to walk ahead onto the road led to destination, courage was my shining jewell 

Failure? Alien to me, Success I was sure, eyes so bright, feet too light, I matter ! I yell


Never say die attitude, struggles to deal, difficult decisions, stepped out of cozy shell

Life moved on, time flew, grey hairs, wisdom tooth, grown up kids, responsibilities fell

Loving soulmate, treasured friends, understanding parents, reliable siblings easy jell

Now of course I understand the concept of sugar and spice, it add color to life so spell

 Failure spoils the harmony, Success sugary coated, I wonder how nice, sweet, its  smell


To conclude I would say,

Like water, dealt in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.

I would like my story to have authentic flavors of mixed herbs, spicy yet healthy

 If courage is resistance to fear then success is surely not absence of fear, be ready.

The Daily Post: The Spice Of Success



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  1. I feel you are always sweet and sugary, but have a little spice added into your words and writing. Also your personality is quite fun and lively, meaning you have spice in your attitude!

    1. So nice to read your ever so kind comments again on my pages. Hope you enjoyed your vacation, I missed you and was waiting desperately to listen from you about your experiences. 🙂

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