An Unlikely Explanation: Black & White


I went for my evening walk in the park.

Tired, looked for a bench, it was getting dark

Heard some noise, turned behind, saw a silhouette stark

 I first saw a innocent winged creature with feathers as white as clouds

Then came another avian but hers were as grey as thundering mounts

I watched as they both came closer to me, could not resist myself…….

” I need not ask you who gets more attention, must be you white beauty no?” The white duck gave me puzzled look.

“Why did you ask this weird question? Of course we are same.

Don’t you see we have same beak, same feathers and we both have same abilities to swim.”

“No I mean….. One of you is fair. we all know 

Fairer skin draw attentive eyes, appreciation and feeling of awe

White shines, looks radiant it all about beauty without flaw”

Dark complexion can make you feel less wanted at many places, Don’t you know?

You both are so like each other still very unlikely for this critical world

Now the white duck almost got agitated, she asked, “What do you mean by fair and dark?

For us it is only a matter of color nothing beyond that. You humans have weird sense of colors. 

Humans have different interpretations for all colors,

You created so many flags to recognize different parts of same earth.

For us it is just the earth.”

God created the colors, all are different hues of joy, love and light

It was you who interpreted them in different ways to bring plight

” You mean to say you don’t have such issues in your community?  How cool ! I sighed.

Do you want to say that white will get the pampering strokes and the black will be pushed to a side?

Ah, you egoistic creatures,” Who stopped you to be cool dudes?

Why you guys have to call white, a pretty swan and black,an ugly duckling?

 You all look so much alike and yet look so different.” Chirped the black bird.

Shocked and speechless I watched both of them in wonder. What a lesson they just taught me !

Yes, Though humans are so very different we are so very much alike.
How I wish we live in a world where black is liked by all and white is not so hype…………



30 Responses

  1. Oh, what a world would that be… Its up to us to create it 🙂 and i do believe we are headed that way 🙂

  2. It’s funny, I have often thought the same things about how creatures don’t care about color in regards to getting along. It just seems like the natural thing to do. Somehow we humans can make things complicated in so many ways. Thank you for the posting.

  3. Written with a lot of poetry. We can discuss that topic in so many different ways, although the result would most likely remain the same. To me, the first color that comes to mind is the one of the heart & soul, then it would be the red which is the one of the blood, common to everybody on this earth 😉

    1. Yes, I agree. When God has created us same then why to have these caste,creed, color issues to create disharmony in the world. Thanks for great feedback. Appreciated much. 🙂

  4. Nice capture…yes today we have the advantage of the mobile camera. Black and white is always a great combination for photography and it was just the right shot…lovely words to qualify the beautiful capture…

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