Trio no.4: Patrick Calling

“What a bright sunny morning it is ! Let’s go for a drive.”

I exclaimed with joy and expected my hubby to reply

To my utter surprise he said,” It is clear blue sky

I will drive like crazy, wanna fly?”

Jumped with joy, I got ready in minutes

Wow !  loved it, what a sporting spirit !

As we were leaving for the joy ride

A phone call came, I took a sigh

Picked up the phone, voice was high

Patrick his friend, was crossing by

“See you guys over a drink” was his reply

I was off, pretty off, Do I have to fry?

With heavy heart I told him the news

He pushed me into the car and zip zap zoom

We caught Patrick on his way to our home

Took him with us, our cars were in the speeding zone

Wow ! what a crisp morning oops ! a drive it was 🙂




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