Another Award, Premio dardos !

Premio dardos !

 WOW ! Here is one more coming my way . This award is given  for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

This award is so special to me and so the person who gave me this honor….. a very special  and respected friend Aruna. Her Ripples N Reflections  is one great blog where she has carefully  but passionately decorated tiny sparkling gems of emotional memoirs, family reunions, colorful photos and mature ‘ME’ writing.

Thank you so much for writing such wonderful words for my efforts.  Soul and Spirit @ – for being a constant positive and vibrant inspiration in such a short span – Way to go Rashmi! I hope you will be happy …and inspired to greater heights.

Cheers to our association !  Thanks for guiding and motivating me.

Here are the rules of the award

dardosEnjoy the visit to 15 blogs  recommended by me mentioned below. These blogs are unique in their own way. I came across the amazing bloggers while I was trying to learn the art and craft of blogging and my journey continues… far it has been enriching and satisfying.

KAT WEBBER I look forward to her book reviews (her review methodology is unique), articles on travel, and her posting schedule for specific posts.

SERENDIPITY.   I admire Marilyn for her honest and intelligent writing. She doesn’t mince her words and come as a strong writer.

RETIREEDIARY Michael Li has kept his blog award free but I still recommend his blog for superb photography.

SMALL-TOWN GIRLS, MIDNIGHT TRAINS The stories, tips, tidbits in this site inspires you to catch you your own midnight  train !

DOODLEMUM  This blog is a visual representation of Angea Stevens’s life. It is a delightful artistic world who surprises her fans with amazing sketches. I love her dedication towards her blog.

WITLESSDATINGRAFTERFIFTY  Reococharan is one person who choose simple topics to write but her research and knowledge surprises me.

JUST WRITING I love Linda( though she calls herself  ‘Granonine’, blessed with nine grand children !) and her blog which is so simple, without any frills, yet so appealing, I enjoy her responses to daily prompts.

MELANIELYNNGRIFFIN  Melanie writes for personal freedom and her essays, memoirs and profiles have spiritual and emotional quotient.

A SLICE OF LIFE  Cindy is an inspiring woman who writes beautiful short stories and meaningful poetry. I recommend her red-letter saturday section, a unique feature of her blog.

MYTWOSENTENCES  Edwards Roads has miraculous capacity to come up with superbly unique, complex yet powerful two sentences supported by an equally good photo to create something, his followers enjoy to read immensely. I am one of them.

A Mom’s Blog  Zainab has already been  nominated for so many awards  for her beautiful and innocent blog, just like her son who is her inspiration to turn into writer. I enjoy her photography.

I didn’t have my glasses on  Beth is very optimistic in her approach and I really like the lay out of her poems which are fun to read.

Wergods  Neil Flesch writes  interesting, impressive articles on Gods, cultures, religion, aliens and spirituality. I visit his blog to know about his take on these subjects.

The Wandering Poet  Andy is a special friend, a gift of word press to me. His music as well as posts are  extremely soothing, magical and his followers missed him terribly while he was off blogging for some days last month. His blog is his world which he probably nurtured over the years ! You will love it 🙂

 THE SEEKER  This pilgrim on earth is seeking happiness in between times. Enjoy her beautiful  journey with her.

I know many of you may not able to respond due to own personal reasons, it is entirely your own wish to nominate this award further. Please accept this for your talent and creativity. Thanks for reading my post.award-premio-dardos



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  1. Soul, congratulations. You are just on the the roll. I will check the links of your nominees and thank you for nominating me as well. Seeker

  2. Thank you, Rashmi, for this excellent honor and tribute. I am very pleased to be on your list of fellow bloggers who you respect their writing or art, photos and quotations. I like many already on your list, Beth and Andy are part of my ‘group,’ which have been very faithful readers. This is so lovely, I will try to post over this coming weekend about the Premio Dardos Award!

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