BROKEN TERRITORY ( Weekly Photo Challenge)

God created a planet green in color

Man created guns to paint it in red

Wars brought misery and destruction on earth.

He created boundaries, territories, restrictions no dearth

By doing this he thought himself to be powerful, a winner

The broken old viharas
Broken sculptures
The broken mountain
The broken mountain
The broken natural beauty divided into territories.
The broken ranges divided into territories.
The broken paths. Line of control.
The broken paths. Line of control.
The broken country, divided into two.
The broken country, divided into two.
The broken Bamboo shoots
The broken Bamboo shoots




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  1. There are some ruins in Israel and Jordan that are very similar … The ones in Israel are much smaller. The ones in Jordan are monumental and were used for target practice by the army for years. Shameful. Fortunately, the stone survived. Damaged, but still there. We will never be done with wars, it seems. I would have thought we’d have found a better way to settle disputes by now.

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