Stealing Time For Floral Kiss


Life is too short to worry, sulk and hate

I have started believing this truth off late

Scorching pace, burning desires, eyes blaze

 Flaming world no time for peace relaxed state

There are few souls who inspire you to live life

Fortunate couples who laugh together, drive miles

Made for each other, wife was ill, hubby took over

Her page bloom, touched new heights, spirits no lower

London mist, Swiss green pastures, coastal Kerala flavor

Cutest pets, clever cats, milking cows, yummy dishes to savor

A doctor writes cooks, reads in her ‘me’ time, among many others

Charming people spread happiness, colors, expert photographers

A teacher mother clicks her little angel, a handsome father lives for her girl

I love talking to ever so young grannies, enjoying life, their hairs curl

I learnt life is made up of small small things, too short to crib, quarrel

Here I am going all out, kiss the flower, run after butterflies, wings ruffle

This is the way I want to live, grounded yet a free bird no time to waste 



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  • Clive Varley
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