Candid photography has been trending for a long now. Needless to say that it is so refreshing to enjoy the naturally candid pictures however some people love to caption their posed pictures as “candid” to make them look like naturally candid pictures. I mean nothing wrong but it surely spoils the show, moreover amounts to cheating for a few more likes. You can find plenty of fake stuff in the name of candid on visual-centric social media platforms. What is so attractive about candid? Well, I think it captures the real emotions, situations, and faces and it has no posed appearances.

A candid picture speaks for itself. It comes out so expressive and worth keeping for memories. Today I am sharing some of the family pics when my boys were in their teens and me, a young mother. I really didn’t have to fake it as I didn’t have to make it anywhere in fashion, beauty, or modeling so they are the real candid ones.

The first one and the header were clicked having me in conversation with North East Tribal ladies during our stay in Meghalaya. The cute monkeys were photographed during our Gujrat trip. The other two involved my younger son, sitting on the roof with our pet Theo, and while he was trying to make him wear his muzzle. I captured those candid moments without him knowing. The rest of the pictures show parental love. CFFC: Candid Photography



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