It was a beautiful day in Gulmarg, a popular skiing destination and tourist spot in gorgeous Kashmir valley. I am not a horse rider, so it was just one of the tourist activities I was engaged and enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings. I was scared initially to ride on a horse but somehow I managed a pic in straddle position. Tried my level best to show as confident and not to look ludicrous while straddling but my body language wasn’t that great. Slowly I became friendly with this beautiful animal.

It is now no more a secret that if there is heaven somewhere on earth then it is in Kashmir. The most precious jewel of my beautiful country, unfortunately had been converted into a hub of terrorism for last seven decades due to bad political decisions in the past. Thankfully with the initiative of present PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi it is once again getting it’s old glory back. He was instrumental in revoking of article 370 in the region, integrated Kashmir and put it back at the same footing as rest of India.

As a result Kashmir is now no longer has a separate constitution. It has been abided by the Indian constitution much like any other state. All Indian laws are now automatically applicable to Kashmiris, and people from outside the state are able to buy property there which previously was not possible due to the existence of special status given to Kashmir.

It has brought some significant changes and bringing development to the region. A rise in tourism sector can be witnessed clearly which is the lifeline of locals over there. More than half of Kashmir thrives on tourism who were living in pitiable condition due to prevailing situation in the region. People had almost stopped going there due to fear of terror attacks, have a reason to rejoice now as terrorism has sharply declined to a certain extent. There’s is a boom in economy and future looks hopefully promising for small businesses owners, manufactures, boat owners and artisans. Visitors are flocking from all over the place and it’s currently trending in Instagram as people find it so “instagrammable”. I was tempt to use this word in my post, frequently used by everyone on social media. Gulmarg is definitely one of them.

So hopefully more and more people go there and enjoy horse riding, golf and skiing.



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