Where else can you find the true flavor of art and craft other than the annual art fairs? I keep an eye on the art festivals happening in and around my neighbourhood so that I can make myself enlightened with the sheer talent and spirit of the artists belong to native place. They really put their heart and soul in whatever medium of art they get trained. Right from pottery to paintings, weaving to carving, photography to making films, artists have unlimited imagination and talent to display. Their power of creativity is to be applauded, saluted and must spread all over the world to inspire others. Doing the same by sharing these acrylic paintings of Indian cavalier glory of some of the greatest dynasties.

The painter was from humble background, was looking forward to get some big orders from art houses or some companies to promote and sponsor his work. “It’s not easy to be an artist to make a dream life for yourself and family.” The saying seemed so true after I interacted with many artisans over there. Some visitors were really harsh with the artisans while negotiating the price. They contumely showed off their bargaining skills which made other inquisitive visitors embarrassed. I was watching it from the distance, sad eyes of the budding artist were clearly expressing the treatment betted to him just because he was not a renowned one. I quickly pitched in and did my bit to boost his morale by buying two paintings despite knowing that it wasn’t bringing him any fortune. I wished him luck, returned home with heavy heart, thinking about his struggles. Today I was there to show him hope. What about tomorrow? He had to survive another day, yet another battle.



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