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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” so eventually as a kid I had no option but to go to a school.

Although as a kid I wanted to play, like any other kid hated the home works and exams. At the end of summer  I used to feel happy for so many vacations ahead.

Now as an adult I still go to school but not to bring loads of homework back but to give homework to my students.

In India the end of summer is basically seen as the beginning of festival time so I very excitedly look forward to get so many holidays to spent time with my family. Mostly during this time we plan our annual leave to meet our parents,in-laws and travel to exotic locations for recreation.

All in all  I can say this is the time to enjoy with friends as well as to charge our spirits. We refurnish or simply decorate our home for coming Deepawali, Navratri Pooja when we lit up our houses to welcome and worship our Gods.

Souls are happy , children remain excited, relatives keep pouring, gifts being exchanged, extra calories added due to sinful sweet sugary deserts or spicy snacks choice is yours. With monsoon in full swing and winters knocking the doors, days are full of planning activity wherein evenings are spent shopping and executing plans.

Biding Adieu to summers and Le accueil to autumn





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  1. The festivals to honor and celebrate your Gods sound wonderful and exciting! Happy End of Summer and enjoy all the blessings you deserve! Smiles and sounds like a lot of exciting activities. I liked that you showed us your lovely decorations.

    1. Thanks for lovely feedback and trawling through my posts .Yes calling upon and welcoming Gods are very auspicious and considered as a good omen here. I love making rangolis on festivals.

  2. so true…what a beautiful way to welcome the end to the summers ! well written…..and in India there is no end to these festivals right….here in Kerala , onam is round the corner…:) happy ganesh chaturthi !

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