Cooking up Stories

What does most elaborate cooking meal mean?

A meal having an elaborate lay out or a meal just cooked well using plenty of ingredients ?

Well for me it means to bring love, passion and respect to the food being prepared and for those who will enjoy it.

Cooking is one thing which I cannot escape for long even if I want to. I like to cook when I have time. It is always a simple, light to digest, less spicy, healthy and fresh food which fits in my style of cooking. I stay away from artificial flavours, colors, preservatives, processed and tinned food. I love my kitchen garden supply of greens. Crisp and fresh !!!

Cooking is one thing we all have to do at some stage of life. Some do as a hobby, others do it for passion. There are few who cook occasionally to de-stress themselves while very few cook because cooking gives them satisfaction !  I know many people who picked up cooking as there was no other option left. Late hours working, away from home, difficult to find maids and lack of home delivery services forced many folks to take a knife, chop some vegetables ( do veggies cry when we chop them? point to ponder) shaken and stirred well, add seasoning to make it eatable with chapatti ( Indian bread )

Well I was a fortunate daughter to hone my cookery skills under the able guidance of my mother. She is an amazing cook. Generally all moms are. I loved cooking for my father and sisters, later on for my husband and kids. I am in a social circle where cooking is a virtue. We extend invitations to officer’s for working lunch or exquisite dinner and I will not exaggerate it by saying that officer’s have been gate crashing now and then to make me an expert in cooking.

There were welcome parties, farewell dinners, birthdays bash, informal cocktails, theme food parties and pot lucks where I showed my cookery skills. Each meal had a story behind it.

” I have invited two of my friends for lunch. Make something light and simple.”

“There is no milk and cheese at home. I could have prepared something better to eat had I knew before.”

” Prepare something without milk and cheese. You keep on writing different recipes. Try them today.”

” Okay, desert is out, I will make Pineapple halwa. Cheese and corn will be replaced with corns spinach salad.”

My husband nodded his head and left for swimming…………another day, another story and so on…………

I have learnt through trials and tribulations but one thing was sure, my confidence level increased every time I cooked for august gatherings invited by my husband, who is in a profession where people love to try different cuisines made by a lady host. They appreciate what ever is served with love and affection. Here are some pics of those happy moments when I made things for others to relish. Enjoy 🙂

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I would also like to share my today’s post walking-on-the-edge-double-decker-root-bridge with you all. 

It is a bit long post with lots of photos but I am sure you will enjoy it.



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  1. I find the process of cooking rather calming, while trying different ingredients for different results, especially when my daughter was so tiny and she’d watch me 🙂

      1. That sounds awesome. Thank you for the invite. Maybe I can plan a Blogger meet up trip!! All around India to meet the favourite bloggers! Sounds nice.! 😀

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