Living in Illusion

images-38   I have yet not understood the secret of immortality

So many times spiritual gurus told me about mortality

Keeping in mind and act likewise is having all difficulty

I am so possessive about this body and materialistic possessions

Am I ready to accept the fact? I have to die, leaving obsessions

Nothing is permanent except the Sun, the Moon, the Light

I remember it only while a dead person is taken to a pyre

Few days I try to be away from the worldly temptations

Searching for truth, meditate, detached from relations

Few days gone, forgotten the truth about being mortal

Start thinking and behaving as if I am the only immortal quote-yes-man-is-mortal-but-that-would-be-only-half-the-trouble-the-worst-of-it-is-that-he-s-sometimes-mikhail-bulgakov-214783



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  1. I think when you lose a loved one to death you realize you are not immortal. For me, it was the death of John F. Kennedy, his two children being there at the funeral. Watching this on black and white television and seeing my parents both cry… That is when I realized I was going to not live forever. I worried about my parents’ living longer, too, at that moment.

  2. Very thoughtful post. People always like illusions ignoring the facts or pretending to be ignorant.
    This post is but older one. Did you link it to today’s Daily Prompt?

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