Hard Work From Every Angle

For this week’s challenge, photograph a person, or a piece of fruit, or a toy — any stationary object — and experiment by photographing it from every angle.

We all take pictures of something or someone by standing directly in front of our subject, clicking the shutter, and calling it a day. It’s often the way we take photos when we first pick up a camera — though what if you were encouraged to try photographing your subject from every conceivable angle?

I tried to capture this Greek civilization model prepared by my elder son and group. It was very interesting to shoot from left, right and from top. I agree that sometimes the perfect image comes to life by simply changing your composition, and photographing your subject from a different angle.

Here is the gallery of pics of three dimensional presentation captured from every angle.

Here is my second entry for this topic. Chand Minar @ Daulatabad from every angle



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  1. This is a wonderful example of diligence, intelligence and creativity, Rashmi. Tell your son we loved this depiction of Greek civilization or “diorama.”

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