One Photo Two Treatments

it’s really fun to experiment with different photo processing software actions and settings to see what I can come up with.

For this week’s A photo a Week Challenge we have to take a single photo and do two different types of post-processing on it. I chose three pics for this challenge. I hope you like the results.

I clicked this one on a manual mode and didn’t do much processing except increasing little bit of contrast, saturation or exposure here and there. In the last set I have used fade out and B & W effects.




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  1. I take lots of photos for family and for me to remember. I find blogging daily a “drag,” I would miss grandsons and granddaughters, friends and life. I have chiseled my time down to 1 to 2 hours a day. Working 10 hour days at a factory warehouse means whole body is sire. Nature and walks bring me peace. You have a very blessed life. May you keep on having your dreams come true.♡

  2. I too have reduced my “blogging time” since I have lots of work this month. I am busy in school where I teach with my new time table and also we have lots of visits in the station, so many dinners and social evenings to attend. Still I love to log in if I get a window in between.

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