I heard a voice calling out my name from inside the house, and when I opened the door…it was my soul. I was so shocked to see my soul inside the house( my body) while I was searching for her everywhere outside. Why couldn’t I see it before? Was I too engrossed in external affairs that I couldn’t connect with my real self? Or was it a sheer ignorance of inner self, moreover ignoring a purpose for which I was sent on earth? Or might be I got lost somewhere while singing youthful songs, felt immortal in a beautiful young body? I kept on finding reasons but in vain. It would make no sense now.

Whatever it might be, now I have met my soul so in no way I would go back to that purposeless life, I promised myself. I felt as if someone has shooked me so hard, bringing me out of my dream. In a way, it was good to open the door to walk inside.

My soul gave me a big smile and asked, “What took you so long to listen to my voice? I have been calling you for so long.”

Hesitating for a second, I finally mustered my courage and replied,” We all know that humanity’s purpose is to look after the world that God has created, like caretakers (or stewards) because all this creation belongs to God, not people. This is known as stewardship. However, we all forget as soon as we are grown-ups, start making wrong choices, exploiting the resources, building walls of ego and desires, not letting truth and knowledge seek in. That was the reason I couldn’t hear your voice because it was so noisy and flashy out there.”

Soul smiled and whispered, “It’s all over now. This realization itself will make you remember your promise to God to take care of his creation, to give your service to the world. Get up and join me. Let’s move on a path that takes you to your destination.”

Feeling secured and safe in my soul’s hands I started following her quietly. She took me to the divine path where the blessings were pouring from heaven, there was no darkness, no dilemma, only bliss to experience. That was the magic of soul calling. Amen!

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